Multiply: Product

Multiply is not a business loan. It is a sale of your outstanding invoice to receive an advanced payment. This will not add on debt to your balance sheet.
No. Multiply does not require personal guarantees or collaterals.
We accept invoices from businesses registered in Singapore which have been in business for at least six (6) months.
Multiply can accept invoices for services or goods already delivered and accepted. The buyer cannot be a related party.
Yes, if each application is supported by separate and unrelated invoices.
Yes. Your customer will be notified in writing to verify the invoice details, to confirm that they are satisfied with your product or service, and to confirm that they will pay Multiply when the invoice is due.
No. Multiply is not a distressed lender. We conduct proper due diligence and will only purchase legitimate invoices from deserving businesses



We will need
• original invoice
• original contract/purchase order
• 3-month operating bank statements
• latest month company utility/telecom bill
• Copy of NRIC/passport of key company personnel (CEO and major shareholders)
All confidential information submitted is stored on secure servers. Protections include data encryption and anti-DDoS measures. Your data is safe with us
Yes, we will evaluate each application based on the strength of your company as well as your customer.
Yes, you may select a lesser amount than the full invoice, depending on your business needs. Multiply will refund you the remaining amount once we receive payment from your customer.



Yes, Multiply will collect outstanding invoice payments from your customer. You do not need to get involved in the process.
Multiply will handle any late and/or defaulted payments.

We have a professional team that is experienced in payment collection. We have standard collection processes if a Customer does not pay.

However, If your customer raises a legitimate dispute, and your business has failed to deliver the product or service as agreed in the contract, Multiply will demand the remaining sum from your business.
Multiply uses funds from our own capital base. We are not a peer-to-peer lending platform. We are careful in selecting our clients, and look to grow our relationships with them.
The funds will be disbursed directly to the company’s operating bank account.

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